Are your doughnuts actually 100% Vegan and Nut Free?

Yes! They most definitely are 100% dairy, egg, soy and nut free. By Products are excluded too, eg Honey!

A range of vegan, nut free milks and alternative ingredients are used to the create the dough, glazes and fillings. Toppings with nuts are clearly labelled and made in a separate environment to the rest.

Are the doughnuts gluten free too?

For markets and events, the environment the doughnuts are made in are exposed to a lot of flour, so it is not suitable to introduce gluten free flour in to the environment (best to be on safe side!), therefore the doughnuts will contain gluten

However, gluten free doughnuts are available to order via the website.

How long do the doughnuts last? (Shelf Life)

All doughnuts are made fresh, daily and contain zero preservatives and additives. Therefore, it is definitely best and highly recommended that they are eaten on the same day.

Fresh is best!

If you just can't bare not being able to relive the tasty experience the next day, it is recommended to put the doughnuts in to an air tight container and freeze immediately! You must ensure to fully thaw them first (for about an hour).

However, always remember fresh is best!

Any idea on how to preserve them anyway?

Catering is available for special occasions and events. There are many creative options available, including branding.

Check out the Catering page for more information

Do you do any special orders?

You can pay with credit or debit card via the website

At markets and events, you can pay with cash and via credit or debit card. A receipt is available through text or email.

For catering and special orders, please contact us for payment options

How can I pay?

You sure can!

As Bears Dough develops and grows, we are always looking for creative individuals to join the team. Check out the Join Us page for more information.

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