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Not Just for Vegans!

Bears Dough is the first company to create doughnuts which are not only free from Egg, Dairy and Soy, but also Nuts. With a unique blend of ingredients and free from milks, the dough has become a popular option amongst not only those with a vegan diet, but also those who simply enjoy and prefer the taste of Bears Dough.

p.s Nut Allergy people, we’ve got you!



Challenging ideas, flavours and textures with bold pursuit, by recreating everyday products with alternatives.


Continue to challenge diet choices and provide quality products which are available to all (not just Vegans), while supporting and influencing the use of fresh ingredients and better eating habits. Additionally, playing a role in protecting the environment by using eco friendly practises and packaging



Bears Dough was founded in November 2017, by Claire Callender; an ex Dancer, Personal Trainer and P.E Teacher.

In 2009, Claire had a premature son and with his health being so fragile at the time, she was inspired to create a complete lifestyle change; ensuring her boy grew strong, while facing head on,the habits that no longer served her. She changed her eating patterns for life (removing most meats, eggs, dairy and soy) and got active again. This led to a complete transformation physically as well as mentally, and life changed for the better.

One fine day, Claire bit the bullet and decided to follow her intuition and dreams of becoming a woman with her own business, leaving her teaching career firmly behind. After a great first go at making vegan doughnuts (yet a tornado of disasters after this obvious beginners luck), Bears Dough was born!

Personal Note:

I have pursued this venture because my perception on life is that there is always an alternative in this world, we have a choice in everything and we should exercise it. The Doughnuts are just one way of showing this!

Doughnut Love

Claire xx


Embrace all things real.

Real food, real conversation, real adventure, real friendship, real trust and real love.

Robb Hill Sr, 2018